Dead millionaire, Ginimbi, purchased coffin seven days before his demise


Dead millionaire, Ginimbi, purchased coffin seven days before his demise

Dead millionaire, Ginimbi, purchased coffin seven days before his demise

It has been guaranteed that Zimbabwean socialite and finance manager, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure, who passed on in a street mishap on Sunday, November 8, had purchased his own coffin seven days before his demise.

As indicated by The ZimbabweMail, a coffin was found in one of his extra rooms following his demise.

A photograph of the coffin has been shared online by Pindula news stages.

Zimbabwean socialite reportedly bought casket 7 days prior to his death |  Cedidollar

Virtuoso “Ginimbi” Kadungure kicked the bucket on the spot along Liberation Legacy Way in Harare, customarily referred to by numerous individuals as Borrowdale Road, when his speeding Rolls Royce impacted head-on with a Honda Fit, veered off the street and hit a tree prior to bursting into flames (read here).

Three others – Limumba Karim, Alichia Adams and Mimie Moana – likewise passed on in the accident.

Preceding the mishap, Michelle Amuli, prevalently known as Mimie Moana, had a fantasy that she kicked the bucket and she portrayed the fantasy about her demise in a video making adjusts on the web.

Tragically, Mimie’s fantasy happened as the mishap happened while the gathering was getting back from Dreams Night Club in the wake of observing Mimie’s 26th birthday celebration.

How Ginimbi bought a casket a week before his death - Kemi Filani News


see the people’s  commenting in several reason in different blogs

OMG. Probably got involved in ritual money and went to the great beyond with 3 other awoof people

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So he prepared for his death? But did he prepare for eternity?

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I personally believed he did not recently buy that casket. Probably one of these money ritualists.

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we blame the devil for everything. The problem is lack of spiritual awareness. When he started receiving invitations to come and buy a coffin he should have asked why when he has decades more to use one. But only the spiritually aware would know to Say such. Our words and actions speak volumes about what we have allowed. When Mimi lady had a dream, She should have gone into fasting and praying and righteous living. That was a vision from God. A warning. God loved her enough to warn her. But she went to instagram instead. God please help open our eyes so that we do not miss your visions and counsel. Give us the spirit of discernment . Without it we will be Cornered by the enemy. In Jesus name !

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Cultists. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but at the end is death. What shall it profit a man to gain the reaches of this world and suffer the loss of his soul???? Not all that glitters is gold.

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May their souls Rest In Peace. Hope he wasn’t in the occult though and probably knew his time. This is another reason why people need to give their lives to God. Imagine after having such a dream, she should have gone into serious prayers; because God reveals to redeem. If you haven’t surrendered your life to God, you can do it now by saying: Lord Jesus Christ I believe You died and Resurrected for my sins. I repent of my sins. Please come into my life, Fill me with Your Holy Spirit; be my Lord and Saviour Forever. Amen. Congratulations on having the necessary Protection on earth and the Confidence of Eternal life. May God continue to Protect His people from harm and evil, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen Xx

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Love o. Biko add something else to your name o so we can differentiate. Thank u

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I’m the original Love far before you started typing comments here lol. Well, maybe I’ll add ‘Unlimited’ to mine, just for Peace to Reign Lol. May the Love and Protection of God Continue to abide with us Always, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen Xx

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Becareful of how you chop life… because life dey chop person too.

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Wicked man hr knew his time was up but he refused to go alobe ,he took people that were not part of his contract wit him

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God forgive all his sin, RIP.

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Dis man knew he was going and dragged this people with him what a BASTARD


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Occult wealth demands a deadly hefty payback. Just thinking out loud. God’s gift are without repentance.

Occultism at work. Who buys coffin and keeps in his room. Ladies, stop going after rich men,most are into spiritism and diabolic ways. The sacrifice and ritual they do are on another level.

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Evidence that he got the money in exchange for his life; he was given a timeline…

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He bought casket for himself knowing fully well his gonna die why collabo with other innocent life that have not buy caskets

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Occult kings roll to the afterlife with escorts

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This is a time for reflection. Lets embrace God and do his work. What will you be remembered for madam lib and bisi alimi. Stop pushing evil agenda on our innocent youths. I kept asking myself why

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The results of money ritual

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The guy was clearly into occultism. He knew he’d die but didn’t know the exact day. Too much money can bring so much sorrow.

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He knew all along about his death.

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I said it that his time was near , he knew about his death that I only pity the innocent souls. Stop Yahoo plus

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This guy must have see the death coming RIP to him

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E for make sense if we all could foresee our death lyk dat n make preparation ahead,no wonder dey called him a genius

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Maybe his money is blood money and he knew his time is up.

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When I saw his mansion and the luxurious life style and him.just being a socialite and “businessman” I knew he was occultic ,he knew it was time. Just unfortunate he took innocent people along with him. Nothing is free in this world for those who like to follow rich people with questionable wealth .tou may likely die with them when their time comes

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Ritual money, buy cars, buy designers stuff then show us on gram. The time he purchased casket he hide am without showing us. it’s time we appreciate the little we have n stop having heart attack because of this ritualist. They r in one corner eat shit n won’t show us. Sir Justin ur time is near I pity Frood that collected that Benz from u because he’s going no way in life

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Nothing just happens. This proves a clear contract was signed with the end carefully thought out.

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There is more to dis abeg… dee

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His mother died two weeks ago the casket was for her burial People stop saying what u don’t know the family has lost two People now

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And the best place to keep his mother’s casket is in his room🤔🤔🤔.

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The casket was clearly designed for a socialite unless the mother is a musician or some socialite herself but that not the case

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Is the mother a singer? Why guitar coffin?

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You are misleading the masses,his mother died In January

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Ode anonymous, always endeavour to get ur facts right, his mother has long been buried, that casket is actually for Ginimbi!

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Blood Money. All of them are in the same cult. That birthday party was a send off for them spiritually. They all knew their time is up. . Malawi is known for albino ritualistic killing and all.

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You think say na only Nigeria they do ritualism. E go shook you

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This guy is not genuine, he new about his death and includes other innocent souls to it.

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His lifestyle and death reminds me so much of ezego. Ezego built his tomb in his house and died in a car crash. Blood money……

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The wages of sin is death

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